[ECS] EuroCore System

The product line EuroCore, also known as "Stuttgarter Hülse", opens up a new dimension in pipeline and sewer rehabilitation. Our innovation improves the structural stability of the repaired area. The use of stainless steel ensures a minimal friction-coefficient and almost no constriction of the cross-section. Additionally, the smooth surface also improves hydraulics. Rehabilitation with ECS will restore the original structural stability which, in comparison with open-cut tunnelling, facilitates cost savings of up to 70%


[EAT] EuroAqua Truck

Regularly, drainage pipes in tunnels have to be cleared of tough mineral deposits to ensure their efficiency. These cleaning procedures have always caused considerable problems, such as track occupation, and are highly labour-intensive. Moreover, high costs are incurred for water and energy consumption. Against this background we have devised a highly sophisticated suction rinse machine which is self-propelling and cleans without requiring tracks.


[EHC] EuroHouse Connect

With conventional methods, the house connects can be rehabilitated just from the property of the homeowner. So far, it is necessary for completing the rehabilitation to ask the property owners for access to the control shaft. This is complicated, often the control shafts are not available. With our new developement all preliminary remediation work are made possible through the main sewer from street-side without entering the property of the homeowner!



Modular 2-way, self-propelled machine for a variety of applications in the tram, metro/underground, as well as in the railway area. The optional interchangeable bodies for different applications are made in the hole grid spacing of 20 feet (sea containers), which create a strong connection to the carrier vehicle (truck). This makes it possible to represent using a carrier vehicle a maximum versatility for different applications.


[ETP/ETL] Twist Pipe/Liner

When pumping polluted fluids, the ventilation systems frequently become clogged, therefore more energy has to be used to pump against this unwanted air cushion. The lack of oxygen, especially when pumping feces, causes a buildup of very aggressive organic sulfuric acid which damages the pipes over time. Massive deposits are formed when the pumps are changed and switched off for hours, resulting in a heavier cleaning workload and increased costs. Using the EuroTwist Pipe when new pipes are laid or inserting a EuroTwist Liner into existing pipes creates a wirl effect for the fluids and accelerates the pumping process.


Trainings & Services

In our professional trainings in our training center in Stuttgart, Germany, or in our individual on-site trainings are included:

  • Intensive theoretical instructions
  • Product and material science
  • Practical use / installation examples
  • Technical maintenance
  • product training with your employees, even available with your customers on-site!